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MISI 2022 supported by AI & chatbots.

25+ Years of experience in the temping sector.

Starting with a Windows ISI application (formerly Spirit Systems), in 2004 we developed ISIWEB with the first self-service for workers and employers. In 2014, we began to develop the new ISI generation : MISI, mobile version, new design, improve by Artificial intelligence, Chatbot. We are driven by embracing new technologies, business processes automation, and staying ahead of the curve by being proactive as opposed to reactive in the way we develop our products. If we can stay ‘ahead of the game’, then so can our clients! Enjoy exploring our new MISI 2022

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You will receive an email from the client asking you to create a new contract for next week.
However, SIMPAS can handle everything and simply ask you for final approval.



SIMPAS can handle all communications with the Belgian social security department to ensure all contracts are accepted.
SIMPAS handle all recurring error, student contingent, INSZ/NISS


Easy integration with your website Add direct chat on your website Capture candidate directly from website to MISI

misi office

Integrated Office Suite

All Word.docs, Excel and PowerPoint documents can be viewed and edited directly in the MISI without local installation



A fidelity programme can help customers, candidates and agents create a long-term working relationship. Customer can define rewards to establish a retention programme within MISI for temping and intern worker

Dashboard & statistics

Each user can define any statistics on the list, or edit data to have all the information in the right place

MISI Technologies


MISI is mobile compliant. Android and iOS versions for chat,
video interviews,

AI artificial intelligence

SIMPAS (SIMilon PAScal) is our AI that can handle all functionalities in the same way a user would. For example: it can create an employee/temp profile, a contract, etc.
This mean, RPA (Robot process automation), AI Vision (OCR, document processing), chatbots, ChatOps, in FR, NL, and EN languages.


Omnichannel means you can talk to your customers or potential employees with the integrated chat channels are SMS, email, chat, ...


Whole MISI can be driven by API's

Flows can be defined to integrate a wide variety of services



3 Videos


Add some content for each one of your videos, like a description, transcript or external links.To add, remove or edit tab names, go to Tabs.

There is much more
Accounting, Group S connection error free, analytics, sodexo, edenred, Graydon, Factoring, ... We have developed so much more besides ... Get in contact with us

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Established in 1994 and still going strong! (25+ years of experience in the employment sector. We have been working with temping agencies in Belgium since 1994, creating industry-specific software solutions for hard HRM including contracts, payroll, accounting, and Belgium’s’ obligatory Dimona registration.)

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