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Augmented Reality for Businesses

Let your customers try your products.

From game programming to Marketing tools.

Everybody knows the famous game Pokémon where people play everywhere to catch them all !

Brands launch AR app to attract, qualify and retain customers.
Explore our new AR Framework based on Robust game development tools for frontend development and our MISI for backend development.

Our AR app



The world’s leading platform for real-time content creation
Use as a frontend connected to MISI


Our branded product is used as a backend with the power of our API
Users can control all content in a rich environment

Engage with your Customers

We can deliver an Android app and/or an iOS app
+1000 Android devices available
iOS compatible from iPhone 7 onwards

An AR core and AR kit will be needed for the user device

The impact of AR is also greater for products that are more expensive, indicating that AR could increase overall revenues for retailers. Retailers selling premium products may also leverage AR to improve decision confidence and reduce customers’ hesitation in the purchase process

Augmented reality can help you significantly by providing an engaging ‘try-before-you-buy’ digital experience. Engage proactively with your customers

With our app, your existing and potential customers can digitally customise their chosen product(s) for a successful and beneficial user experience.

Scenes are predefined (complex) experiences that your customer can use directly and change it to his personal need

Augmented reality is clearly becoming increasingly popular. From just over 500 million mobile augmented reality users worldwide in 2020 to 810 million last year (according to Statista), we have seen a massive and continued uptake of this cutting-edge technology. In 2022, it is estimated that 1.1 billion people will use AR on their phones alone

Explore what you can deserve


Android & iOS apps

We deliver apps in both Android iOS formats 1000+ Android devices available iOS compatible from iPhone 7 onwards

Devices will need to have an AR core and AR kit installed.


Marketing & Analytics

After signup, launch a retaining-oriented campaign directed at your customer and analyse how customers interact with your products


Video & Photo

Let your customers record a video/photo and share it with you on social media



3D rendering

We can generate 3-D views for pre-sale to help you engage in conversations with your customers



Integrated with your website


All kinds of objects

From a flower to a pyramid


Constantly up to date

All content is in the backend, so all updates are directly available on all installed devices.


Fully customizable

App is customizable both in design and functionalities

Languages available in EN, FR, NL



Signups occur directly at the startup in an app, so you immediately obtain the person’s contact details which can be used for remarketing purposes and customer retention.

Explore integration


Design your garden like a landscape architect

Let users place objects in chosen locations and design a complex garden layout using their smartphone


Scan the QR code with your smartphone

Scan the QR code to show an object on your environment

qr-code ar test

What we offer

Quick delivery within one month of commission

Thanks to our AR framework, we can deliver Android and iOS apps with a starting budget €10k

Business process

We can personalise your app to your business processes with no risk of interruption to your current workflow

Your brand

Designed specifically for you with needed functionalities

Your branded AR app in 3 steps



We first start with an initial concept of your app that would place your products in your customers’ environment

We will agree on the app’s functionalities based on an estimate delivery of one month :




We develop each

3D objects

with your approval at each stage.



We deliver your app (frontend/backend)

You launch a real-life beta test

You handle your own objects’ library in the backend

Your app is live 🙂

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